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Each person is unique with inherent differences; psychologically, biologically and genetically. Some of the factors affecting your health today may be related to genetic predispostion. However twin studies have shown that genetics account for only twenty percent of what will be expressed in an individual’s general make-up. The remaining eighty percent will be influenced by many other factors – nutrition, environment, family experiences, relationships and lifestyle. Although genetic factors can influence the expression of disease, there are many ways you can take preventative and resortative measures to ensure a different outcome.

As registered nutritional consultants, Lynne and Marlene employ many tools to assess their clients current state of health and nutrition. They will develop an individual health plan to restore their clients to an optimal state of health.

What Can I Expect?

Your initial consultation includes:

  • 90 minute assessment
  • current health concerns-main issues
  • personal health history-factors relating to current health
  • identify nutritional imbalances-dietary assessment
  • organ and gland weaknesses
  • identify toxic exposure and accumulation
  • lifestyle influences
  • live cell microscopy evaluation
  • interpret and discuss main factors affecting health
  • personalized nutrition and supplement plan
  • lifestyle recommendations

$180.00 +HST

Some extended health plans will cover our services.

Ask you insurance provider if the services of a Registered Orthomolecular Holistic Practitioner or Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner are covered. There will be some recommended thearapeutic suplements.Costs vary depending on individual needs.

Follow up appointments:

  • Follow up appointments are an extremely important aspect of healing
  • These appointments allow us to assess the level of improvement and make necessary changes to our recommendations  
  • 3 weeks to 2 months from initial consultation depending on concerns
  • evaluation of detailed questionnaire
  • Re-balancing and returning the body to its natural self regulating condition is a step by step process that takes time, requires monitoring and adjustments along the way. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix or magic supplement to achieve this. Therefore we cannot make new recommendations without a follow up appointment. Our goal is to resolve your health issues and get to a minimal maintenance plan as soon as possible.

$110.00 + HST

Please complete the Initial Consultation forms below prior to your appointment. These will automatically be email back to us.

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Get Started - Holistic Consultations

“Marlene, thank you so much for your recommendations. I have been feeling gallbladder pains on and off for six months and have tried several alternative therapies. None have really worked well. The program you outlined for me has been fabulous. It's only been three weeks and I feel so much better. No unbearable pain that I was feeling, no gas, no bloating. Amazing!!”


“Lynne, I just can’t thank you enough for the plan you set me up on. The changes have been nothing short of phenomenal. And everyone around notices too!! I believe I have referred 4 or 5 friends to you at this point. When I am in your office next time, maybe you can give me a few of your cards to hand out. I am a living, breathing commercial!”

Tamara Mamoniw